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Hell Scouts
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On my honor...
We have honor?
I will do my best...
Do, or do not! There is no try!
To do my Duty to God and Country...
To obey the Scout Law...
Like a good little robot.
To help people at all times...
Because you don't have enough to do.
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
Fuck that. That's hard. Like math.

Seriously, this is all for fun. Just an excuse to dress in attention getting, amusing uniforms, and parody an uptight, venerable institution. We will do nothing just because it's honorable, we will question authority, we will be helpful if it is within our wherewithal to do so, and how we choose to take care of ourselves is our business. We will drink, dance, laugh our butts off, and maybe on occasion, show them.